May 1st, Join the AFL-CIO and Defend Paid Sick Days

Our Rights are Under Attack! Let’s Stand Up and Fight Back!
Bills that would dismantle local workplace benefits like paid sick days will be heard at 8 a.m. Wednesday, May 1, in the House State Affairs Committee.
Hundreds of union members and allies from across Texas are mobilizing to get to Austin this Wednesday for a “Solidarity Showdown” at the Capitol. Will you join in solidarity hundreds of Texas workers ready to stand up and fight back?
Here are 3 things you can do right now to join the fight!
2. If you are not in Austin, find your closest carpool headed to the Texas Capitol!
Dallas/Fort Worth
Departing Time: 4:00 AM
Where: Worker’s Defense Project Office -Located behind Midway Hills Christian Church
11001 Midway Road Dallas, TX 75229
Organizer: Maria Garza # 469-657-3926 or
Departing Time: 6:00 AM
Where: Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation – 2506 Sutherland, Houston TX 77023
Organizer: Brandon # 713-894-9017 or email at for details
San Antonio
Departing Time: 6:00 AM
Where: Texas Organizing Project Office at 700 S. Zarzamora
Organizer: Joleen #210-952-1140
3. Call your Texas House Representative today at 1-833-417-4260 and tell them toOPPOSE Senate Bills 2485, 2486, 2487, 2488
Don’t know what to say? We can help you out-
Our message to Texas lawmakers is simple:
No Texan should have to choose between going to work to pay their bills and staying home when they’re sick or to take a sick child or elderly parent to the doctor. And none of us want to be served our next meal by a waiter or a cook who came to work with the flu because they couldn’t afford to take a day off.
What works in big cities may not work in small towns, and that’s why we rely on local elected officials to know their communities and pass rules that work best for them. If the voters in a local community want to raise wages, improve construction safety, or require businesses to give employees the right to earn paid sick days, the Texas Legislature shouldn’t interfere.
These bills are about whether or not working people should have to choose between paying their bills and taking their children to the doctors. We say no to that choice! Don’t take away our paid sick days.
Thank you for fighting for Texas workers! See you in the Capitol halls on Wednesday!
In Solidarity,
Rick Levy
President, Texas AFL-CIO
Montserrat Garibay
Secretary-Treasurer, Texas AFL-CIO