Max Ladusch

We are sad to announce the passing of Brother Max Ladusch on May 20, 2020 (5/20!).


Brother Ladusch was initiated into Local 520, Austin Texas on March 21, 1953. He served in the military from 1953-1955, interrupting his apprenticeship, but resuming and completing his apprenticeship upon discharge.


As a member of Local 520, Brother Ladusch served as an Apprentice Instructor, Vice President, President and Business Manager/Financial Secretary (BA). He was appointed to the BA position after the death of then BA Wesley Collier. He served on numerous Local 520 committees as well as the City of Austin Electric Board. He also served as Vice President of the Texas AFL-CIO, Vice President of the Texas State Association of Electric Workers and secretary of the Austin Building and Construction Trades Council. He took great pride in being “a yellow dog Democrat” in helping to elevate the political careers of Texas Democrats as Governor Ann Richards and Congressman Lloyd Doggett.


In February 1979 Brother Ladusch resigned his BA position to accept his appointment as a 7th District Representative, where he served until his retirement in November 1997.


Brother Ladusch was a lifelong resident of Austin. Growing up in Austin’s “3rd Ward” help mold him into the man and labor leader that he became. A longtime acquaintance of Brother Ladusch, Brother Ray Cleveland,  described him as “the embodiment of tenacity, quit was never, ever in his vocabulary.”


He enjoyed outdoors, hunting and fishing, as well as gardening.


His lifetime as a member of the IBEW, and as well as Local 520, reminds us of the responsibility we each have to our family, community as well our Local and Brotherhood.

One of Max's final wishes was to bump tickets with his funeral attendees from his casket. Because of the COVID pandemic, this wasn't possible, but you can participate in a virtual ticket bumping here:

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