(2) Alterman Electric to 701 Rio

Currently working 40 but schedule may change as GC needs.

(6) Alterman Electric to UT South Endzone

Currently working 5-10’s and an 8

All Alterman calls will need State License, Background Check, Drug Test and Proper I-9 Documentation

Alterman Holds Orientations on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00AM at the shop


(1) Ampology to Spirit Island

(1) Ampology to Dominoes in Lake line

State license, Background check, and Drug Test will be required.


(5)  Short Calls for Big State to Austin Energy Head Quarters

This job is working 6-8’s

A State License, Background Check, Drug Test, and Direct Deposit will be required.


(1) Rosendin to Report to the Shop

A State License, Background Check, Drug Test, will be required.


Currently A large project is working in Local 72 Waco Texas Working overtime and night shift. Please contact LU 72 if Interested (254) 754-3121 http://www.ibewlu72.com/


(1) Alterman Tele-Data Tech to report to the shop

(3) Rosendin Tele-Data Tech to FC Soccer Stadium

(1) Big State Tele-Data Installer II
(2) Big State Tele-Data Installer I
(7) Big State Tele-Data Cable Associates
Drug Test, Background Check Will Be Required

All calls require OSHA 10 or better

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Do not bid on jobs without proper electrical licensing, required skills or certification.
Do not bid on jobs if you are not available to work the day of roll call.
If the online Referral process is not completed promptly you may become ineligible to receive the dispatch and lose online bidding privileges.
Any loss of confidence with Online bidding should cause you to come to Dispatch in Person.
Roll call for JIWs goes out at 6:30AM and will be Pulled at 7:00AM
Roll call for CW/CE’s goes out at 7:00AM and will be Pulled at 7:30AM
Online Job Bids will only be accepted between the hours of 4PM and 6AM