January 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday, and all are safe and happy.

Happy New Year! The new year brings a fresh start, and a chance to accomplish greater goals and to attain a higher standard of living for our families and ourselves.

The next few months are critical to the success we hope to achieve at the negotiation table, and we need every member to do their part to assure a fair contract come June when we finally come to the end of a five-year agreement that yielded no gain at all. No time to reflect on what could of or should have been, but what is possible to come.  We control our destiny if we choose to do so.

Each of us must show the value of our hard work, our craftsmanship, and our reliability on the job.  Show up every day. Do an honorable day’s work with the pride of the craftsmen and women that you are.  Leave no room for criticism about your skills, reliability, or commitment to installing the best electrical systems in Central Texas.

Our worthy opponent will use every short-coming we exhibit to weaken our argument for greater wages and conditions.  Take that argument away.  If we show them that we are without question the best craftsmen and women, then we will win a contract that we can be proud of for our future.  A contract that will attract the best from the shops of the un-organized, and help to increase our share of the market, and bring us all a greater prosperity.

The time is now, and all stars are aligned.  We must take advantage of this unique time of a booming economy and tight labor market.  Hone your craft, show your professionalism, be reliable, and show up every day, all day, all week.  Stand in solidarity with your negotiation committee.  Stand ready for a call to action, it will come.

We must fight for what we rightly deserve or settle for what a silent membership is offered. If you see a Brother or Sister struggle in any way don’t criticize, instead offer to assist them through their struggles as you would your brother or sister.  Put away your differences and rally behind what we all agree on for our Local.  Prosperous wages and conditions based on respect.  Brothers and Sisters if we can do this together, we will win now and continue to win the future.

In Solidarity,

Mike King